Virtual Reality


Visit the metaverse and escape reality

Virtual Reality is another world simulated by computers where you can completely isolate yourself from reality, hence the words ‘virtual reality’. As soon someone puts on a VR headset, you’ll enter a world created by others in which you can almost fully use all your senses. You’ll feel immersed in this virtual world and based on the VR technology you use this immersion will be far greater than you would ever have expected.

This technology isn’t new but has been around for many years, even more than you would have expected. But back then VR was really expensive, bulky and not a much of an immersion as it is now. Since 2013 this has changed when Oculus released their version of VR by releasing the Oculus DK1. This change can also be seen as a new era for VR, one that is affordable, compact, more immersive and hopefully one day becomes mainstream.

But for now this technology has proven to be a real change. Where solutions and product that needs huge spaces, aren’t built yet or are hard to imagine, VR is a solution. From a test drive in a concept car, visiting your future to be build house or a virtual training center for your employees, VR can do it. What you need is a company that knows this technology, can build your virtual space or product and deliver you a complete experience in one package. Look no further, we are this company!



Virtual Reality comes in many different ways which can be confusing especially when it’s the first time you’re looking for a company to create your VR experience. Because of this we have written a short explanation of a few different VR solutions. But besides this we can tell you a lot more about what kind of VR solution is best for you.

Roomscale VR

6DOF freedom in virtual space

Roomscale VR enables you to walk in a virtual environment like you would do in real life. The space in which you can move freely around is only limited to the hardware capabilities as well the available real life space. Besides walking, the user can interact with virtual objects which is a must for simulators, training or emmersive games.

Mobile VR

3DOF freedom in virtual space

Mobile VR unique selling point is the mobility of VR as well a broader audience for your vr app. Where roomscale is bound to a dekstop computer, mobile vr has the same freedom as carrying your mobile phone. App are optimized for running on a mobile device and can be viewed by anyone with a decent mobile phone and a simple vr headset.

Web VR

Virtual Reality in your browser

Web VR doesn't require an downloadable application but can be viewed straight from the browser. The vr software is written in WebGL, supports simple realtime 3D graphics and can be viewed on modern browsers. It's as simple as visiting a website on your mobile phone and put it into a mobile compatible vr headset. Even some premium mobile vr hardware have there own integrated browser in which you can visit the same web vr website.