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We create Realtime 3D Graphics software

Realtime 3D isn't just a game!

Most 3D visualisations and animations are created using pre-rendered 3d graphics, which means a powerful computer has created a 3d still or animation that will never change. Each time there is a demand for another still or animation from the same 3d model the creator has to go through a process of rendering again besides remodelling, recoloring and post-production. Rendering a new still or animation is a specialised process and requires a renderfarm to be able to deliver a product within an reasonable time. Besides this the still or animation you receive is a never changing product which is like a photo, it will never change again unless you make another.

Realtime 3D Graphics don’t need to be pre-rendered but are instead completely dynamic and rendering while you look at it. Within the capabilities of the developed software the possibilities are limitless. Realtime 3d graphics are often compared with games but these are created for entertainment which isn’t what you want. What we do it create dynamic stills and animations of your product with game engine technologies that look realistic and close to pre-rendered 3d graphics. Besides that your product is just a thing on display there is also the possibility to develop an even more dynamic piece of software. Your 3d product could be turned into an interactive application with endless possibilities.

Realtime 3D graphics software development is specialised work because you do not only need knowledge about developing software but also about 3d graphics and especially realtime 3d graphics. What you need is a company with a rich experience in both that can deliver one package from concept to final product. Look no further because we can do just that for you!